VD-150x150mm VD-150x150mm VD-150x150mm VD-150x150mm
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Access panels of very high quality ASA plastic, manufactured according to the DIN 1.4301 properties of ASA ( acrylonitrile / styrene / Acryleste ) against ABS plastic. This impact copolymer has properties similar to ABS, but with a much better UV and weatherability. When the ASA acrylic ester is uniformly distributed in a SAN ( styrene-acrylonitrile ) polymer and connected by grafted SAN chains. ASA makes high quality, low gloss and scratch resistant surfaces. ASA does not yellow, such as ABS. ASA is resistant to aqueous chemicals. ASA makes high-quality, glossy and scratch resistant surfaces. The excellent chemical resistance can be explained due to the higher polarity of the acrylic ester component compared to polybutadiene in ABS. ASA shows very good resistance to aqueous media including dilute acids / alkalis and wash liquors and a good resistance to oils / fats, alcohols and aliphatic hydrocarbons. ASA can also be weather resistant plate in construction ( PermaSkinTM ) be used for high heat duty electrical appliances such as coffee makers and microwaves in the sports, leisure sector etc . Item is brand new and boxed, shrink wrapped in foil. Finish: White Plastic: ASA The continuous one piece mounting frame ensures safe installation in a wall or ceiling. Rounded design for clean finish on plaster or plasterboard surfaces. Access panel has the right or left opening. Door panel is also removable, does not interfere with work.

  • Access Panel
  • VD-150x150mm (6 x 6inch)
  • High quality ASA plastic
  • Colour: White
  • Left or Right opening
  • Detachable Doors For Easier Access
  • Rounded design for clean finish on plaster or plasterboard surfaces
  • Dimensions (A-148) (B-148) (C-163) (D-163) (H-19)

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